Thursday, October 18, 2007

what we like#3: the problem of england

'Robinson in Space' by Patrick Keiller (1997). Maybe *this* is the greatest film of all time? A (fictional) journey around England, commissioned by an ad agency attempting to understand the things that force, shape and make the country what it is / has become. No actors / characters: just one voice, a narrator.

The only online clips i've been able to track down are here and here.

More information on Patrick Keiller here.

what we like#2: the effects of adding another zero

'Powers of Ten' by Charles and Rae Eames (commissioned by IBM) in 1977. Maybe the greatest film of all time? "The ultimate Eamesian expression of systems and connections".

We've all seen this film at some point (or think we have). A design classic, exploring scale, perspective and notions of viewpoint. It's about how we look at the world (and the things on it).

This version's from you tube. You can also view it online at the Eames office website (you need to register though) here. It's certainly worth browsing the site: look through the galleries, look at the range of work undertaken by the Eames'.

what we like#1: alphabet

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Paul Elliman's 'Alphabet' (published by FUSE in 1992) uses the human body in a performative capacity: people making letters in a variety of ways. Creatively taking the notion of typography and laterally sidestepping what we might think of as the most necessary element of typography: the letters themselves.

There's an interesting article on 'the erotics of type' by Max Bruisma which mentions Paul's font here.

A sign: up = sideways